Schoolhouse Falls and Lizard Log Falls

  • April 8, 2016

I made it to Schoolhouse Falls and Lizard Log Falls for the first time last week. There are about 7 waterfalls in the area, but you’d have to do some serious hiking to hit them all in a day. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t hold up that long and, on this day, I was limited in time anyways.

First off, here is a video I put together that shows how to get to the spot. For me, I had to take Hwy 95 north of Morrilton (north of I40).

Schoolhouse Falls

Here is my GPS track of the hike. This one is pretty easy if you have the coordinates (35.53019, -92.79877). FYI, you can just bushwhack directly to the spot or follow an ATV trail. The ATV trail is a bit longer, but you might prefer it depending on the vegetation.

When you get to the spot, you’ll see this beautiful spot above the main waterfall.

My mom joined me on this trek so I thought a selfie was in order so we could remember the trip.

Here is a 5 shot pano to give you a feel of the area:

A few different angles:

All in all, this is a great waterfall to visit and the hike is a breeze!


Lizard Log Falls

After Schoolhouse Falls, we visited Lizard Log Falls. The first one was a piece of cake. Not so, for this one! Here is the GPS track for our hike. You’ll definitely want the GPS coordinates (35.53297, -92.81144). We took one path down, but a different one back. Oh, and when I say “path,” that’s a little misleading. This is a steep and challenging hike and you have to blaze your own trail.

I definitely preferred the path we took back to the truck. So, here is a tip. On your way down to the falls, you’ll run across a bike trail at some point. Follow the bike trail to the left. When you get close, leave the trail and bushwhack down to the waterfall. You’ll find yourself at the top of this 47′ waterfall and finding a way down is tricky. There are bluff lines on both sides of the falls. The trick is to go left along the bluff for awhile and you’ll find a way to the bottom where you can backtrack to the waterfall.

Lizard Log Falls was worth the hike in my opinion, but it lacks in beauty as compared to Schoolhouse Falls. I enjoyed this one, but probably won’t revisit anytime soon.

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