Cossatot River 10/26/2015

  • October 30, 2015

The Cossatot River is a beauty for sure. Color this Fall has been lacking due to a long drought in the summer so I decided to check this area out and cross my fingers! Like much of the state, color was spotty, but some places were beautiful! The area I visited is called Cossatot Falls, although it’s more of a series of cascades with some unique rock formations. In fact, this is a popular kayak location as this is a level 5 series of rapids, which is the most difficult on the scale! The word “cossatot” actually is translated as “skull crusher” and with good reason.

When I arrived at sunrise, I was first greeted by a few deer hanging out by the edge of the water.

The trees themselves only had sporadic color but these fern things in the water were exploding with color. Fern things… yeah, I wish I had paid better attention in science class.

Here is a great example of why these are level 5 rapids. These angled, pitted rocks jut out of the water all over the place. The rock formations are truly awesome!

Here is a closeup of one of the rocks. I just marvel at how they’ve been washed down and formed by the water.

More examples of the unique formations with the water…

A look downstream…

After spending about an hour in the area, I decided to begin my hike out. The higher sun gave me a few more photographic opportunities. In particular, a higher sun means back-lit trees which are gorgeous when they have some color!

And just before leaving, I had one more opportunity for a view downstream. The river grass was screaming with color… green, yellow, orange, and brown. I guess when the trees aren’t providing what you want, look for other options!

The Cossatot is a place you need to visit if you’re in Arkansas. Even with low water levels it’s a nice spot to explore because of the rock formations. Add more water and you might be lucky enough to see some kayakers trying to navigate the waters and avoid getting skull-crushed!

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