Kings Bluff Trail and Waterfall

  • October 6, 2014

The Kings Bluff and Pedestal Rocks trail heads are located in the same spot. Check out my Pedestal Rocks blog post for info on that hike as well. This hike is short and easy, but be careful! You’re HIGH up along a bluff line, so I’d suggest leaving the kids at home for this one. The hike is only 1.9 miles with some moderate elevation changes. If you go at the right time, there is one of the tallest waterfalls in Arkansas at the mid-point.

Click here to view or download my Gaia GPS data for this hike.

After a short hike downhill through the forest, you come out along a bluff line. I was happy to see that not all the hoodoos were along Pedestal Rock Trail. What cool rock formations! The photo doesn’t do this justice as it is hard to get a sense of scale. Please be careful around this area as there are several openings in the ground so watch your step! Most of the ones that you could fall through are barricaded off by fences to keep you alive.

I was struggling to come up with anything creative to photograph. I decided to have fun with the sun and it’s reflection in a puddle of water on the ridge. I went to f22 on my camera to accentuate a sun star for effect. Nothing spectacular, but fun to play around!

Here are some more cool hoodoos along the bluff line, full of colors and rigid texture.

It rained the night before I came to this spot… quite a bit in some places. One to two inches were common across the state. A little further down the bluff was where Kings Bluff Falls is located and I didn’t hold out much hope. Even with all that rain, it had been fairly dry for weeks. Still though, I was crossing my fingers, hoping for enough water to make a decent photo! This is one of the tallest waterfalls in the state at an impressive 114 feet! I grew with anticipation as I walked across the enormous shelf of rocks that makes up this portion of the bluff. I hear some water trickling somewhere… could it be!?!?

Well, poop. That’s just pitiful… LOL! Oh well, I’ll have to re-visit this spot after we’ve had some good rain! 🙂


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