Falling Water Falls and Keefe Falls (almost)

  • August 12, 2013

Had a great time Saturday with some friends and my nephew, Ethan.  We’ve had some great rainfall which is odd for Arkansas in the Summer so we headed to north Arkansas to get some waterfall pictures.  When we arrived, there was big storm going through which made the shoot challenging and the water was roaring!  

For best results, be sure to click the pictures to see them larger!

Our first stop was “Falling Water Falls.”  I don’t normally go for the black and white look, but see the before and after shots below.  I’m not a big fan of muddy water!  This area was flooded with rushing waters and it was raining as I took the shots.  I would have spent more time composing my shots from various angles, but I really didn’t want my camera getting too wet!



Next, we decided to search for Keefe Falls.  Let’s just say that if you park in the wrong spot and begin your hike in the wrong direction, you end up…

  • trekking up 2 mountains (STEEP ones!)
  • crossing over a river (and slipping in over your shoes)
  • sliding down almost vertical declines (and almost impaling yourself on a fallen tree)
  • only seeing the top of the waterfall because you can’t find a safe way down the 75′ cliff

Good times!  Luckily we saw these beautiful cascades above the main falls.  I WILL go back sometime!


Here is a tighter crop than the shot above.  I think I like it better…




When we left we couldn’t resist pulling over to take pictures of this.  It isn’t every day that you see two cows lounging around a front porch!


I usually don’t shoot pano’s of mountain views, but this begged of it!  Imagine this scene at sunrise with some dramatic lighting and shadows!  I did the best I could with what we had at the time.


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