Lake Catherine Waterfall 5/22/2013

  • May 24, 2013


I’ve been out to Lake Catherine so many times now that I don’t even get all that excited about shooting it anymore.  But, I had a great opportunity to meet up with a couple of friends there and that makes is that much more fun!  I tried to get a few different angles again just to shake things up.

Ok, first up is just the typical shot.  Not all that unusual. (Click the pics to enlarge them)

Lake Catherine 5-22-2013-1

Here are Bobby and Brian getting set for their shots.

Lake Catherine 5-22-2013-7

I decided to wade deeper into the water for this next shot than I have in the past.  I was up to my knees almost but to be honest, I’m not all that excited about this shot.  I prefer getting some of those river rocks in the shot.

Lake Catherine 5-22-2013-8

Here I was trying to feature some depth with foreground elements, medium range objects, and the waterfall in the back.  I’m not overly-thrilled with the sawed up log.

Lake Catherine 5-22-2013-21

A close-up of one of the small cascades after the waterfall.

Lake Catherine 5-22-2013-22

From the top looking down.  Had to Photoshop out a huge ugly limb stretching across the scene.

Lake Catherine 5-22-2013-27

Going for a little abstract black and white action with this next one.  I’m really drawn to the underside of the streaks of water in the lower mid-right of the frame.

Lake Catherine 5-22-2013-30

Another angle I don’t normally go after.  Little did Bobby know it, but he photo-bombed me big time on this one!  That’s ok, Photoshop to the rescue!  Like a magician, I made him disappear!

Lake Catherine 5-22-2013-38

After a good rain, there are actually two waterfalls that join at this pool.  The second one is much higher, but smaller and almost impossible to photograph.  There are still a few nice areas to get close-ups like this though.

Lake Catherine 5-22-2013-40

Lastly is a shot I’m fairly happy with.  I had to jump a 2 foot chasm to a boulder to get to the right spot though.  I was praying my shoes wouldn’t slip and send me spiraling down to my death!

Lake Catherine 5-22-2013-45

All-in-all, these aren’t my favorite shots ever, but I did get some unusual angles and had a great time with some great guys.


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