Dam Mountain Trail

  • May 19, 2013

After visiting the cascades at the Ross Foundation, I still had some time so I went to Lake Catherine State Park.  I go here a lot as it’s a beautiful park.  I had never hiked the Dam Mountain Trail before though.  So, I made it my goal for the day!

This first shot just doesn’t do the scene justice.  You learn in photography that there just isn’t a way to fully capture the moment as you see, feel, and experience it.  In this case, the purple flowers just get caught up in all the distraction of the hillside.  The area was COVERED with them!

Dam Mountain Trail-1

Ok, I skipped taking pictures until I was at the top of Dam Mountain Trail.  FYI, the first little bit is rugged and steep!  Since I had already hiked and photographed waterfalls today, I was worn out by the time I reached the top!

I was totally drawn in by this scene of the moss-covered tree surrounded by more purple wild flowers.

Dam Mountain Trail-3

Ok, this next photo is kind of pitiful, I’ll admit.  I wanted to get a shot of the blue and purple flowers together.  If I hadn’t been lazy, I would have done a macro shot or  at least something closer than this.  Too many ugly weeds in the way!

Dam Mountain Trail-7

Fair warning, the trail is quite over-grown.  The shot below is the “trail.”

Dam Mountain Trail-8

You know that tall grass that has the sharp, pointy seeds and a long shaft attached to them?  When I was a kid, we used to launch them at unsuspecting friends as natural spears.  You could actually get one lodged in someone’s skin because they’re so sharp!  Well, the trail is completely covered in this stuff!  By the time I was done hiking, I looked a lot like a porcupine!  The photo below was taken AFTER I removed several handfuls.  I probably had over 50 stuck into my pants legs.  Some pierced through to my legs along the way.

Dam Mountain Trail-5

Not sure what kind of tree this is, but I thought the seeds looked interesting.

Dam Mountain Trail-9

These wildflowers Were tucked in nicely by this fallen log.

Dam Mountain Trail-12

The view from the top is a little disappointing from a photography standpoint.  Too many trees in the way and industrial factories that get in the way.  Maybe if I had some dramatic lighting…. next time!

Dam Mountain Trail-18

Another cool wildflower.  I really need to learn some flower names!

Dam Mountain Trail-23

Another view from the top.

Dam Mountain Trail-26

Ahhhh… time to rest and take in the view!

Dam Mountain Trail-30



Another cool wildflower of some kind.  Odd flowers that come up on a stalk from some spiky grass.  Man, my old science teacher would be so ashamed of me…

Dam Mountain Trail-31

The first half of my hike was slammed full of wildflowers and a couple of pretty vistas.  The second half is totally different.  It is a lush forest with lots of ferns and some water.

Dam Mountain Trail-32

Not much water to see flowing in this part, but I love moss and couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a shot.

Dam Mountain Trail-34

On the way back, I saw 4 butterflies on the path.  I’m not sure what that white stuff is, but they were lovin’ it.  Maybe I don’t want to know…

Dam Mountain Trail-37

All-in-all, this was a very enjoyable hike.  Head out now and see some awesome wildflowers before it’s too late; but be warned!  Wear long pants or you’re legs will be bloodied up before you finish due to the sharp seed spear things!

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