Quick trip to Lake Catherine State Park

  • March 23, 2013

2013.03.18 Lake Catherine-2-Edit

Today’s photo trip was extra special because I was joined by my daughter, Brooke.  She was out for Spring break so she joined Dad on this journey.  Ok, so this first photo is my least favorite of the bunch.  I thought I’d include it anyways though.

This next photo was my initial favorite, but I may be leaning towards the one after now.  Sometimes certain photos grow on you over time.

2013.03.18 Lake Catherine-4-Edit

This waterfall has been shot sooooooo many times by other photographers.  I decided to go for a different angle to set this shot apart from the rest.  I’m kinda liking it.

2013.03.18 Lake Catherine-11-Edit


This is Brooke and her friend she made while we were at the falls.  FYI, Brooke is on the left with her camera and she NEVER meets a stranger!  If you’re around her for more than 5 minutes you’ll know everything there is to know about our family.

2013.03.18 Lake Catherine-13

Had to sneak in a pic of me with my baby girl!  🙂

2013.03.18 Lake Catherine-14

We found this little guy as we were hiking out of the park.

2013.03.18 Lake Catherine-21 2013.03.18 Lake Catherine-26

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