Little Mazarn River at Sunrise

  • November 7, 2012

Sun Rays over the Little Mazarn

This may be my last shots from my beloved Nikon D90.  I bought a D600 which I had for about a week before I… gulp… dropped it.  I had never dropped a camera before in my life, but as soon as I had my new baby I dropped it and broke some parts.  It should be back tomorrow from its 6 week stay at Nikon as they repaired it.  

I decided to try and capture some fall colors along the Little Mazarn River at sunrise.  It was a challenge simply because it was about 35 degrees when I took these shots.  My fingers don’t work so well in the cold!  At first, the scenery was less than impressive; but as soon as the sun began to break through, some magical light appeared.  The warm sun rays caught the thin fog on the surface of the water making for some interesting subjects.

The very first spot on the river that caught sunlight was this spot of fog and rock (below).  The water almost looked like it was on fire!  I quickly grabbed my 70-200mm lens to grab this shot.

Fire on the Water

The photo at the top was actually taken shortly after this one  The sun rays pierced through as you can see toward the top of the photo, illuminating the fall colors in the trees.

Below is my final shot.  I felt this one had the best overall composition, color, and lighting.  It was well worth enduring the cold weather!

Autumn Morning on the Little Mazarn

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