Forked Mountain Waterfalls

  • September 16, 2012

My brother and I decided to hike near Forked Mountain in search of a couple of waterfalls.  This mountain is simply amazing!  The photo doesn’t do it justice.  It’s a lone hill that towers over all the other surroundings.  At the top are some incredible bluffs.

We started out our hike and came across these cooling looking mushrooms along the way.  Made for a pretty cool picture IMO.

Here is the first waterfall, Forked Mountain Falls.  This one is a short and easy hike (less than 1 mile).  That’s my brother in the top right of the photo scaling the cool looking rock formation.



I came across this red leaf when crossing the creek.  I love how it stood out against everything else.


Next up is Twisted Cascades.  This waterfall is MUCH harder to get to.  There is no trail, just GPS coordinates and a vague map.  Along the way I came across this awesome scene.  It looks like a natural dam made from tree roots and rocks.



Finally, we made it to Twisted Cascades, and it was worth the hike!  I love the deep pool this one pours into and the rock cascades are like short steps all the way up.


Here is a closer view of the cascades.



And a reverse angle…. cool mushrooms!


Lastly I took a picture of this cool looking tree along the creek.  The roots and bark have a lot of character.


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