Bokeh hearts!

  • September 7, 2012

When I took this photo, I was playing with creating bokeh shapes in the background.  Bokeh refers to the blurring of the lights in the background of this image.  I was able to shape the blurred lights into hearts using a mask of sorts over the lens.  I basically cut a heart-shaped hole out of a piece of black construction paper and placed this over the lens (shooting through the heart).  You don’t even see the paper when you’re shooting, but the bokeh shape is created in the background.  This is my beautiful daughter, Brooke!  🙂

Here is the bokeh lens cover I created.  Yeah, kinda crude… but hey, I didn’t plan on sharing pictures of my craftsmanship!  Notice I taped the heart shaped cover to a cylinder shaped roll over construction paper.  I can just slip this right over my lens.  To the right is the star shaped cover I created.

Here is a pic I took using the star shaped bokeh cover.

This was my most elaborate bokeh cover.  I tried this one out for Halloween last year.  Fear the dreaded jack-o-lantern bokeh!

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